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    Bought in to .asia and then found .mobi, Been at this about a month. Japanese sci-fi movie character Japanese war God Mad Monk of the Romanov empire The Thinker Indian chief who helped the Pilgrims survive winter Japanese for " Way of the gods " 1st recorded writing of Japanes history circa 720 Sun Godess who founded the Shinto religion The Holy Tree of shintoism
    Torii.mobii The wooden entrance gate at all shinto shrines Babylonian god of fertility Fierce group of the Goth nation that sacked Rome in 410 Don't know. But short and heavy traffic as a .com

    and then the Hindu Gods: The Dark One
    Bhuvneshwar.mobii Queen of the phenomenol world The Eternal widow Physician to the gods 2nd reincarnation of Vishnu Dwarf reincarnation of Vishnu Loyal brother of Krishna Scientist to the gods


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    interesting list of you plan to develop them?


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