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Thread: How to track a lost iPhone

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    Default How to track a lost iPhone

    I lost my iPhone 6Plus. Is it possible to get it back?

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    You should have installed iLostFinder on your cell phone.

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    Default Hope help you!

    If you want to track someone via cell phone, I think you should choose SpyToApp. It is a monitoring software is very effective, and is free to use again. I'm using this software, I feel very excited with what it brings. It's like solving a burden in my life.

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    Default Mobile Tracking Guide for Iphone

    ‘Find My IPhone’ feature in IPhone is the solution. This built-in service is capable of tracking any IOS devices

    To enable this feature on your IPhone, follow the steps below:

    1) Open the Settings App on your IPhone
    2) Scroll down and click on ‘iCloud’.3) In iCloud list, find and select ‘Find My IPhone’.4) After that switch on the Find My IPhone Button.5) While you’re there, it’s good to turn on Send last Location as well. Enable Find My IPhone, helps you to track a lost or stolen device through the Find My IPhone app on another iPhone or by signing in to with your iCloud account. When tracking a device from either the iCloud website or the app, you can lock the device with a new passcode, track the current location as well as you can see last resort. You can also erase all data of the device.Keep in Mind:Mobile Tracking is possible if the IPhone is on and connected to the Internet – either through a cellular connection or Wi-Fi.So if any person pick-up your device and immediately turn it ***, you can’t track the device until it’s turned back on & able to connect to a network.To Disable Find My IPhone on a device, a user must approve the change with his /her Apple account.

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