Hi Team,

We had an application in BB store for BB10 devices which we are planning to update.
When we checked it’s seem like .csk file used to deploy the current version is store as expired.
So we tried to download a new .csk file with a different member login from the same Vendor Login. But this gave error while deploying the App in the App store because of difference in .csk file due to difference in member login.
Old .csk file was downloaded by a member who left the company and his ID was disabled.
But as per the ticket we raised (Ref: BlackBerry Case # 00016788) early with blackberry for this issue. We got the reply to active the account and download the .csk file from that user.
So the admin of the vendor portal enabled the old member. But since the user left the company, We are trying to change the member email address to a generic one. For the same we went to the BB portal and edited the email part. But still we are having issue in login using the new email address and mails are going to the old address. Can you help us in editing the email address from old to new one??

Thank You
Sreedhar T