I have an issue with signing the application using Blackberry ID token.

I have the application in Vendor portal for Blackberry World. After a year, I need to release a new version of the application. I was going to change the application code at the time I wanted to sign the application using Blackberry ID token, when the error “BBID Token has expired” appeared. I followed the instruction on the website https://supportforums.blackberry.com...d/ta-p/2998718 and generated new Blackberry ID token. Then I tried to sign the application with the new Blackberry ID token, when another error saying “Invoke-Target-Key has been previously used in a different package”. I follower another advice from the forum https://supportforums.blackberry.com...t/td-p/2958396, but the instructions listed there led to negative resolution in signing the application.
I’ve used the same Blackberry ID account for generating new Blackberry ID token. At the moment I don’t have any idea of the reason why can’t the application be signed. I don’t want to change Invoke-Target-Key, because that would lead to creation of whole new application (and not the new release of the old one). My intention is just simple creation of the new release for my application.
Application in store and the newly created application have different Package-Author-Id in file MANIFEST.MF. I don't understand why.

If I build new release of my application, so application on device reports "Require Error Can't find /user/lib/webplatform/plugins/jnext/libpushjnext.so Library canot be found". Push-notification not working then.

Can this error have something in common with problem of signing aplication?

I would be very appreciative for any advice and possible solution or direction you could give me on this matter.