I have an android app which I had repackaged and deployed to a BlackBerry device. The app was built using Eclipse and minSdk 7.
Now I have created a new version of the app with Android Studio and minSdk 14.

I am using the command line tools to repackage, sign and deploy the apps. When trying to update the app on the device using the "BlackBerry Deploy" tool, I get "failure -104". This also happens, when I repackage both the old and the new app version one after the other using the same tools, keys and passwords, only the input file is different. Nevertheless I get error -104 when I try to update.

After showing error -104, the app is deinstalled from the device. Doing a "BlackBerry Deploy" again, the new app is installed without problems, but this is not an update, since the old app version was deinstalled previously.

What could be the reason?