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    Just launched!

    If I'm not mistaken , this is the first Italian based airline to go .mobi
    It redirects ( to but, they are promoting it as on their main .it site. site ( promoting their .mobi ) article translated below...

    And 'online

    Starting from March 3 you can buy all flights through Meridian also Blackberry or Palm. And 'online fact, site designed specifically for browsing via mobile devices. Thanks to a graphical specification and simplified commands you to purchase flights online anywhere in the world, with great ease and speed, but above all in complete safety.

    In fact, the payment is secured by Verisign, the world's payment systems and Meridian is one of the few companies in Europe to have the processes applied by mobile devices.

    Security, graphical high-level maximum usability, but not alone. In fact, the site is perfectly designed to be viewed on screens and therefore reduced provides excellent visibility, as well as access to content and booking immediately.

    Wikipidea on Meridiana...

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    Nice one Dom, rep comming

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    Thanks Noonoo,

    With fleet of 22+ airplanes and short- to medium-range commercial passenger planes like MD-82s and Air Bus A319, A320 good for traveling within the continent, this airline seems to cover many European destinations.
    I call MD-82s 'the retro toaster planes' they're so cute! makes me feel like an air hostess from the 1970's every time when I'm on it. Some commercial airlines in the US does domestic flights i.e.) NY to Detroit in them as well.

    Cool beans, more travelers gets to know about .mobi!

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    Excellent find dtrix. I like your style. Repped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by javalover View Post help you with more mobile airlines websites, global airports links, wap banks and many other usful wap websites.
    Hello Javalover,
    Welcome to Mobility.
    Nifty site. Looks to be a great resource!


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