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Thread: mobiSiteGalore 5.0 Launched !

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    Default mobiSiteGalore 5.0 Launched !


    I am David Hill, Director of Mobile initiatives at Akmin's mobiSiteGalore.

    I’m excited to inform you about the launch of version 5.0. This makes it our third straight new version release in less than 3 months.

    Some of the features released in Version 5.0 include:

    • Manage Multiple Websites with a Single mobiSiteGalore Account
    • Completely customize the design allowing even novice users to create a unique looking one-of-a-kind website which is quite a rare feature for a template driven website building tool.
    • Test Drive - to help users try mobiSiteGalore before they sign up
    • Automatic 100% compliance with W3C’s mobileOK Basic
    • Align Header/Logo Left, Right or Center
    • Site Search to allow visitors to search within their website
    • hCard to publish the contact details of people, companies, organizations, places, etc.

    A 4 minute demo movie of the newly added features is available at

    I invite you to try out these features yourself by signing up for a free mobiSiteGalore account. And do let me know if you like it, our team would love to hear from you.

    Warm regards,

    David Hill

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    Hello David. Thanks for the great tool and service!

    I have a question regarding us old users who have multiple accounts. Is there a way to combine multiple existing accounts into one "master" account?


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    pm sent to 'mobisitegalore'

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    It is not possible to migrate existing (old) accounts to a master account.
    Also feel free to visit

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    email coming very shortly, its been coming a while i know but im poised to strike and start setting up this web of mine...great work there guys, sincerely John

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