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    Arrow Mobile RSS Feeds

    Here is a list of RSS feeds for you to use on your .mobi sites:

    NewsIf you find any new ones, post them in this thread and I'll add them to the list.
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    Default US(as opposed to UK)version

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    I have noted this in case of NYTimes RSS feeds.

    Use the normal feed of NYTimes on your mobile site.However,transcode every outgoing link in feed by Google.What happens then? When a user clicks on the outgoing link,Google redirects him/her to the mobile version of that page located in the directory of .

    Nice thing in using NYTimes feeds is that the library of feeds is enormous and mouthful.Try it yourself.

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    Free mobile rss reader

    Good luck & Enjoy!!!

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    Thanks for the rss reader. I managed to put it on my site and I had my first RSS feed experience. Wonderful!!!

    Feeling more confident, I tried to replace the original feed URL with another one a found.

    Original RSS feed:
    $feed = ""; //Your feed url.

    My new RSS feed;
    $feed = ""; //Your feed url.

    It worked too! However, when I added the .xml extension it failed. What's wrong with adding the XML file extension?

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