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Thread: .MOBI is #6 TLD ever traded

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    Lightbulb .MOBI is #6 TLD ever traded


    It lists 300,000+ historic sales in the past 14+ years.

    According to the stats page:

    """ Our database has 315,461 sale records of 301,603 domain names totaling $1,135,277,224.00. """
    This is at least four times more than famous Ron's database.

    The site has an amazing stats section where you can fish for tonnes of interesting information.

    .ME is #6, topping even .info, .eu, .me, .tv and .co ...
    .COM is still the king with more than half of the sales (this correlates with the number of domain names).
    Basically you can narrow down the whole industry to five big players, than another few dozens of boutiques.
    You can see that overall average prices are falling.
    Especially those for .com:
    But then this year it started to improve.
    Interestingly, average prices for LLLLL names are higher than those for LLLL and LLL names.
    Average historic price for five letter domain names (LLLLL.***) is $6,060.81.
    That for LLLL is $3,641.76.
    And that for LLL is $5,653.34.
    Looks like names that are too short but not ultra short (two characters) have somewhat less value than those of five characters. A paradox that intuitively I am still struggling to explain.
    This is the longest known domain name sold ( a.k.a. private-krankenversicherung-für-selbstä

    And much...much more.

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    Interesting information.

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