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Thread: Moonga: a new Mobile Collectible Card Game promoted by MobPartner

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    Default Moonga: a new Mobile Collectible Card Game promoted by MobPartner

    Compared to physical games, digital games represent an increasing percentage of the market, with revenue predicted to grow exponentially to more than 200 million US dollars by 2015 in North America.

    The advantages of digital card games over physical card games are:
    • Lower production costs: Players collect virtual cards as data stored on a server, eliminating printing, packaging and distribution costs.
    • Cross platform playing: Digital CCGs are playable on PCs, consoles, mobile and social gaming platforms (i.e. Facebook).
    • Online learning: Players can learn to play on their own without a real opponent, thanks to online tutorials.
    • Asynchronous and multiplayer options: Gamers no longer need to be in the same place at the same time and can save their games and resume play at any time.

    The majority of online card gamers use desktop or laptop computers, but the second most popular device to play on is the iPhone, used by 30% of U.S. players.

    Digital collectible card games have an average conversion rate between 1% and 3% and generate an average revenue per paying user of $26.80. The monetization of these games happens with the sale of starter decks, pre-built decks, individual cards, booster packs and online competition passes.

    In order to provide its Affiliates with the highest trending games and the best converting applications, MobPartner has launched a brand new campaign for the iPhone application of the digital CCG, Moonga.

    In a fantastic world ruled by the natural elements, master spells to increase your power! The Heroes of Moonga are waiting for you, to help you in a fight against powerful creatures living in these lands. The balance is always threatened, so it’s your turn to write a new chapter in the “Grand Story of Moonga”.

    • Business Model: Cost per iPhone App Install
    • OS allowed: iOS 4.0 or later (iPhone)
    • Average CR: Up to 6.5%
    • Countries: Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, United States.

    To join the campaign now click here!

    If you want to learn more about how best to promote Moonga, contact the campaign manager Frédéric Delga directly at [email protected].
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