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Thread: can't imagine the future

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    Default can't imagine the future

    can anybody imagine the future of mobile. It is very hard to tell anything about the future mobile. What do you think friends?

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    according to me, The future of mobile is good.If we look the present scenario mobile market is on boom.So we can say that the mobile future will good.
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    I see a great future fore mobile...

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    it seems like the future now.. but so did the regular internet in say, 1997 - the difference here is the mainstream regular joe picked up on it pretty quick because cellphones were already getting popular - its not just the geeks this time! its a moment in time where you can actually think of several ideas that will end up being successful by somebody. i could sit here and come up with dozens of future mobile ideas that haven't been started and/or taken off yet. that alone doesnt mean i'd have the resources, timing, money, willpower, etc to do it... timing is a lot of it. people thought of the youtube idea before youtube... dating sites were thought of before they became popularized im sure..and on and on

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    In the future Google is launching a smartphone glasses named as Google Glass and it coming at the end of the year, 2013.

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    Have you seen the samsung video from 2012/3 where they show a bunch of futuristic mobile phones?

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