pbox is a new mobile based adNetwork.
which have wide range of publishers which gives us daily huge amount of pure clicks..

we make a good platform for advertisers ..

*Pure traffic
*safe from unwanted/repeated/proxy/fake clicks
*Full detail about each click
with that function you able to see full detail about each click(ex. ip,from,browser,)

*simple adv. panel
*Pay only for valid clicks
*cheapest price

2$ = 500points.
4$ = 1200p
10$ = 3500p
20$ = 10,000p
all plans with 10% bonus clicks...
(1p = 1click)

*IP block system
only our site is allow that function,,
if you receive an unwanted clicks from an IP addrs. So you able to block that IP addrs. or check counts of try after blocking..

*real time reporting/counting
*able to pause or start at any time

Adult ads. are not allowed .
Pay via bank transfer(only for india) or paypal

contact : pbox(dot)in(at)gmail(dot)com
mob. no. : 7876384485