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    Default Domain gone Viral! For Sale

    If I had more time, I would write a little more about the opportunity here. If you aren't familiar with situation, the short of it is that Twinkies are no longer going to be made. Because of this, there has been a race to stores to buy up the remaining Twinkies. Before this announcement there were 5,400 searches per month on Twinkie Recipes and that number is only going to get higher now.

    I just set this site up and have added content. Due to my work, I don't have a ton of time to spend on it. The site has been up 12 hours total now and has gone viral with over 1,000 real visits. I would be happy to show you statistics to interested buyers. It was indexed on Google in about 10 minutes. I have it set up on adsense and amazon affiliate. You can just change the code.

    Accepting offers. If you are interested please let me know through here or PM. Take advantage of this niche going forward. Please make offers reasonable.
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