Nobody has posted on this topic for a while and since my posts fit this subject more than they do any other, I am going to post a thorough, summed-up description of my company and what we do:

TapIt is a global mobile advertising platform. We serve over 5 Billion impressions across 50 countries monthly.

Our Advertisers include Brand Advertisers, Agencies and we also have a Self Serve Platform.

Our inventory consists of Android Apps, iOS Apps, Mobile Web and Non-Mobile Web traffic.

We provide various ad units like Banner Ads, Interstitials and AdPrompt TM. More ad units including Video Ads & App Walls are currently under development and should be ready soon.

We are integrated with numerous Mediation Layers like Inmobi, Adwhirl, MoPub, Burstly, Admarvel etc.

On top of that, we also function as a Mediation Layer ourself with absolutely NO COST to Developers.

We have developed plugins for several frameworks like Marmelade, Cocos2D, Unity, Corona, and Appcelerator.

Hope all this information is useful and if you have any more questions or wish to sign up, you can contact me directly via PM or email.

I do not want to lie to you and promise you a very high eCPM. The truth is that different developers will get different eCPMs based on their traffic source and the ad unit that they're using.

For Banner Ads, you can expect anywhere from $0.30 - $2.00
For Interstitials, it ranges from $2.50 - $5.00
For AdPrompts TM, it ranges from $4 - $8

Our Fill Rate for all top countries remains 90% and over.
I would be more than happy to create the account for you and walk you through setting everything up.

We offer round-the-clock-support to our developers for any assistance they might need.

Hope to hear from you soon.