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Thread: Mobile Browser Detection need editing

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    Default Mobile Browser Detection need editing

    Hi there guys,

    I am using andymoore script detectmobilebrowsers . mobi (cant post links), tested on my hosted page and it's work great.
    Anyway, i would like to use that code for example on my tumblr blog, but I see that it will not work on this way, cause mobile_device_detect.php must be hosted where is page which i want to redirect. So i googled and discovered that need to be used .js and JSON (which i dont know what is it) so i can call on other pages.

    Anyway interested in this and how much it will cost ?

    Need asap.

    Tnx in advance.


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    Hey Stefan,

    You could host the script and make it say yes or no, then invoke that through JS as a remote call.

    I'll write a hosted JS solution one day but in order for me to do that I'd need to spend longer than ten minutes at a screen which in all honesty is something I struggle with these days...
    Andy Moore
    i don't do tech / mobi anymore - why do something that annoys and stresses lol

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    Hi Andy,

    Tnx for replaying. Anyway, I manage to get I want. I paid some guy who created GEO-OS mobile detection-redirection script.

    It's really flexible, for example. If visitors on my desktop website come from US, it will redirect on US CPA offer but will have options to separate based on OS, like android users go on link A, IOS going on link B and etc.

    Tnx anyway.


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    Hey Andi,

    Do you have demo of your mob server. I looking to build mobile affiliate site, so I would like to check our ur script.

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