is a social media game based on stock market concepts. You invest in others and some of them invest in you. Demand on your stock shares determines part of the factors in your stock price. The other factors are based on how much you engage in social media. You have missions which will pay you in game currency and you can create missions getting REAL people who are influencers to share your messages and engage with your social media accounts.

Not only is the game a lot of fun, but it helps to provide real and natural social signals. What does that really mean to you??? Well, one of the largest portions of Google SERP algorythm is now social signals. If you decide to join, send a message to me and maybe a quick one to Coast also. We are both on there and will invest in you. You start out at 10e (e is in game currency) and can't create missions until your share price reaches 30e. The game is FREE and I hope you join us.

Also, if this interests you then I will pass along a link to a software I purchased this morning. This software is amazing for SEO purposes and actually shows you the social signals for the top 10 rankings for any keyword. Must have tool!!!