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    Default on gum package

    Noticed this on the back of a package of Dentyne gum recently.

    "Download & Scan Tag at"

    Granted, as you can see by the November 2012 expiration date, it's not a particularly recent package of gum. I'd guess it was probably put out last year but I'm not sure, it was on the clearance rack so who knows really...

    Thought someone might like to see anyways.

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    Tom, look at the ingredients - that stuff contains aspartame so is best in the bin IMHO.

    It is the perfect poison, my evil side couldn't have thought of better, make it taste sweet and billions will lap it up.

    If you're wondereding how the US food and drug administration passed it all you need do is reverse engineer Donald Rumsfeld's association with the involved companies and it will all unfold.

    Usually anything with diet on the label contains aspartame or a bastardised derivative of and therefore should be avoided.
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