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Thread: Responsive approach vs Custom mobile templates - did I do the right thing?

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    Default Responsive approach vs Custom mobile templates - did I do the right thing?


    I hope I explain this clearly.

    I'm getting a new site designed, a few popular sections of the site get high spikes in traffic regularly. I want to ensure that the site (especially the popular areas) serves up fast and in a way usable for mobile devices especially during those traffic spikes.

    The design company doing the work for me suggested a responsive approach I went and read-up on this and my major concern with this approach is that while the page and images scale to view nicely on a mobile device the page size does not which means the page download size is the same on an iphone as it is on my 1024 × 768 and because I want my pages to be fast loading on mobile devices and because I get regular spikes in traffic the responsive option for mobile is not the optimal mobile solution for me.

    • Am I correct in thinking that responsive design was not the best approach for fast loading mobile pages? Did I make the right decision?

    I instructed them to design custom mobile templates for the 5 top traffic (most popular) areas (these areas also have a lot of images in them), built to be light and most visually usable for viewing on a mobile device. They built a mobile site the landing page of which has 5 links which link visitors to custom mobile templates for that section. On the footer menu is a link to the Full Site.

    Now... the design company has told me that the site will detect the user agent of the visitor and if it detects a mobile device it will serve up the mobile version of the site.

    My concern is that someone coming to my site on a mobile device will see the most popular content sections (built with custome mobile templates) but will need to click on a 'Full site' link to see the rest of the site which hasn't been built for mobile and i'm concerned about this transition and how the rest of the site will look to them when they move from mobile to non-mobile pages within the same site.

    Someone I met today suggested doing a combination of custom mobile templates for the 5 most popular areas (as we have done) and responsive design for the rest of the site. Is this good advice?

    I'm afraid that i've mucked up my approach to mobile and would appreciate any advice.

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    I like responsive design for the "full site" and mobile templates for the mobile version of the site. Responsive design still has too much info for most people who are on the go. Of course, it depends on what kind of site you are building.
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