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Thread: The BEST Pic Lock 2.0 - Dot Lock Photo Protection for iPhone/iPad

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    Cool The BEST Pic Lock 2.0 - Dot Lock Photo Protection for iPhone/iPad

    Are you looking for a place to hide your funny photos or even secret photos? Like, you’ve done a surgery, and don’t want anyone to know what you do! How to secure these photos from your friends and your family.

    Pic Lock 2.0 - Dot Lock photo protection can help you!

    >> Highlight of Pic Lock 2.0 - Dot Lock Photo Protection <<

    • iOS5 supported
    • Require passcode or pattern log in
    • Panic mode: Shake and Face down to quit the app
    • Create unlimited folders
    • Directly upload your photos to Facebook
    • Easily move photos to another folders
    • Decoy mode to fool intruders
    • Photo tag and descriptions
    • Color your labels
    • Personalize your app with themes and colors

    The new version 2.2.1
    • Bug fixed
    • Amazing!!! Discreet icon (No one can see it)

    Pic Lock 2.0 - Dot Lock Photo Protection with new version is NOW available in AppStore

    Thanks to: All of 700,000 users
    Trusted from 500,000 users around the world
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    I used it. it is working good. after using it i feel very good. it is very good for security purpose.

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    Can I use this if I have a jailbroken device? Because I just jailbreak it recently.

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