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Thread: Saxx Mobile – Albert Mita Scammer – Saxx Mobile Scam - Exposed

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    Default Saxx Mobile – Albert Mita Scammer – Saxx Mobile Scam - Exposed

    Saxx Mobile is wireless dealer located in New York. Saxx Mobile specializes in scamming their customers by selling them used phones, as “new”. They have also been caught selling carrier returns as new, as well as selling Blackberry Devices with blocked PIN’s. If you research Saxx Mobile you will find a great and informative site called Saxx Mobile Scam. WWWsaxxmobilescam(dot)com This site will provide validation on the claims listed above. It will also provide you location information of this corrupt company.
    Saxx Mobile claims to have 2 locations.
    Saxx Mobile New York
    2709 Coney Island Ave.
    3rd Floor
    Brooklyn N.Y. 11235
    (P) 347 673 8455
    (F) 347 673 8457

    Saxx Mobile Miami
    8000 NW 31st St.
    Suite #9
    Doral F.L. , 33122
    (P) 305 599 8804
    (F) 305 599 8807
    Both of these locations have been involved in scams of their customers. Saxx Mobile prides themselves on the number of phones they sell, not the quality of phones they sell. Saxx Mobile does not build relationships; in fact, they destroy them. Saxx Mobile is after one thing; MONEY. Money is what drives Albert Mita (the owner of Saxx Mobile). Anything to make a ‘quick buck’ will be a priority to Albert Mita. Albert Mita can be researched at WWWalbertmita(dot)com. This will take you to the Saxx Mobile Scam website where you will find more and more scams that Saxx Mobile has done.
    They can not nothing but deny the claims. Saxx Mobile has been involved in 6 large public scams, all found on the Saxx Mobile Scam website. These are not the only scams that Saxx Mobile has been a part of. If you have been involved in a scam with Saxx Mobile please visit Saxx Mobile Scam and post your story.
    The wireless industry is a deceitful one, but with sites like Saxx Mobile Scam there are ways to make it better. Exposing these companies will help the industry by making prospective customers more aware of scams, such as Saxx Mobile Scam.
    Please stay away from Saxx Mobile. They will do anything to get your business, and more to get your money. But once they have your money, they are in control of you. Do not give them control. The less you buy from Saxx Mobile, the better chance they have of going out of business. Post your story at WWWsaxxmobilescam(dot)com – the epicenter of all things Saxx Mobile Scam.

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