Dim Sum (literally meaning a touch of your heart, because the dishes are small) is a popular style of lunch in Hong Kong and many China Towns in the world. In some countries such as Australia and New Zealand, it's called Yum Cha (literally meaning drinking tea). They refer to the same style of food. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dim_sum for more info.

After procrastinating for almost 2 years, I finally kicked my own butt and started this project. It's still in a very rough shape, but, just like weeding, I enjoy improving it bit by bit. A lot of functions are still missing, but I rather get something out than waiting until everything is perfect.

Dim Sum

It has listing of Dim Sum restaurants in part of Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. I plan to expand the listings gradually, and also add more functions as I progress.

If you enjoy Dim Sum and know any Dim Sum restuarants, please send its name, address, and phone to me by PM or the form on the site.

Thank you.