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Thread: troubleshooting: phone turns itself off from time to time

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    Default troubleshooting: phone turns itself off from time to time

    I just registered on Mobility. I hope you guys can help with a small problem I've had with more than one handset (first with a Sony Ericsson K610i, now with a Samsung C3050). Occasionally the phone turns itself off, even though the battery is charged and working normally. If I turn it back on then it works normally again. A quick web search suggests that a slightly loose battery is a common reason for this--has anyone else had similar experience?

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    usually its a loose battery connection which is the main problem but at times there can be other reasons too. like for example if you just made a call, you are finished with it and immediately you open up an application on your phone, the phone would get hanged and restart then after sometime. Usually this happens when the phone is about to receive a call debit update and you force it to perform a different action. Other times this may happen due to the memory card being corrupted or filled to the maximum space limit. There can be various miscellaneous reasons behind this. I will make sure to add a reason and remedy to all such problems on Darkwap when i get some time off. I will try to address all the troubleshoot fixes later.

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    I used my old samsung and i faced the same problem . I usually dropped it on the floor, so it turned worse .

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