In case you haven't heard is a relatively new payment gateway for both PC and mobile internet payments that only charges a quarter ($.25) for every transaction. If that wasn't interesting enough Dwolla announced today all transactions under $10 will be FREE! :

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I’m pleased to announce that as of today transactions under $10 carry no fee.

I know there has been speculation lately about that fee going up, but the rumor mill can be a dangerous thing
Dwolla is hell bent on a core vision and value set: moving money safely, quickly, easily and as cheaply as possible. It’s what has fueled our growth over the last year since going national, and to commemorate the anniversary we’re saying thanks in the only way we know how… by making your life better.

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Dwolla says this is just the beginning and will make a major announcement on December 15th.

Forbes had a write up on Dwolla a few weeks ago:

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Why should currency, or money, lose value just because it is being exchanged? Of all the things you can say about money this is the strangest: use it, especially in those sophisticated global electronic networks, and lose a significant chunk. Lose 2 – 4% of it if you sell services or objects via a credit card. Use your electronic bank account, like I did recently, and lose $15 per transaction. Transfer cash and lose some more.

Very few people have stopped to think how payment systems are draining the modern economy. And on such a scale. If your tax bill went up next year by 4% would you protest? If it went up on every transaction you might anticipate a backlash. Why doesn’t the outrage extend to payments?

Dwolla, the emerging social payment network created by Ben Milne, impresses me for this reason – 25 cents per transaction. And it impresses me because Milne, like so many of the new generation of entrepreneurs, is as motivated to end an economic injustice, in this case high transaction charges, or promote business opportunity, as he is to take Dwolla up the hockey stick to an IPO. Dwolla is a social business....

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