Hi everyone,
I am looking for a website developer for an affiliate website.

I have my domain names related with mobile internet parked on NameDrive, but I can not customize almost anything, and some domain names that some months ago, when they were not parked, would appear at google when typing its keywords ( Ex. typed dailymobile and appeared my site dailymobile.com ), now do not appear, and I lose traffic.

That website would be the landing page for all my domain names related with mobile internet, and as all them are related, I just need a very basic landing page where I would be able to customize some specific things easily, header and ads, depending on the domain name traffic origin.

I wonder if:

1. Do I have to create an individual webiste for every domain name? if I want to:

track all the traffic stats depending on domain name traffic origin ( daily views and daily clicks for every domain name).

Manage the ad campaigns depending on the domain name traffic origin. PPC, Banners ...

Get a good SEO for each domain name

Customize the header with the name of the domain name where the traffic is coming in.

web device detection

2. If to be able to do that I need an individual website for every domain, is there any plugin or tool to manage easily the ads an even the content of each website?

I would like to buy a basic template to do that and customize it on my own. Actually I do not need design or logos, I would create my own images.

Looking forward some ideas or offers if someone has something close to my needs.

Thank you.