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Thread: Where are Afilias' priorities?

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    Default future of .mobi

    Can someone explain where we are at today with .mobi? I've got an opportunity to develop a premium .mobi domain but am really interested in knowing what are the benefits of the .mobi extension. The registry still has over a million registrants and that is big compared with new extensions coming out that have none to start.

    Gaining a million registrants is not easy and will be a huge struggle for any competing gtld. I don't know if .mobile should even be a concern.

    The issue I am having is to learn more about what .mobi's strengths are. Mobile users can now browse the internet more easily than ever but what really drives growth of any website or business is the visibility in google and search engine placement imo.

    I'm excited about the prospect of developing a .mobi domain but would really appreciate anyone who can help me gain a better idea as to what drives .mobi So far, what I'm coming up with is still mobile use, ease of access while you are on the go...simple localized searches...that could also be relevant searches within the context of where you are at.

    What is the .mobi extension going to do for my website that no other extension can?

    I guess i'm really trying to see what makes .mobi great for the end user who arrives at a .mobi site opposed to any other site out there....again i'm new to .mobi but really would appreciate your thoughts on this one.

    I know it kind of sucks that registrars don't do more to help the extension but collect registry fees. But if you wait around for them you will go nowhere. Afilias does offer a great backbone from the technology side. But honestly from what I've read about the registrars is they feel it is not there job to actually promote the extension it is up to the web developers as they are in the business of selling domains (period). I do feel that is unfortunate..but basically my take on this is develop a great website that draws in traffic and that in itself will help the extension and the brand.

    Sorry to go on and on, but I'm trying to better understand the benefits of developing around .mobi.

    Thanks for any help you all can provide!
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