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    Default - Bedtime Stories For Children

    Haven't posted any new sites here in a while, and figured some of y'all might like this little site I threw together this week. Let me know how it displays on your phones, please. It's only been tested on my Android, so far. Comments and ideas would be appreciated.

    By the way, I'll soon be posting this site for sale, if anyone would be interested in taking it to the next level. Feel free to shoot me a PM...

    I hope that everyone here is doing well!
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    I read some books via my iphone and the first thing that jumps to mind is a link to go back a page vs having to use the browser back button. Also being kids stories consider having some pictures when reading the story.

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    Your site looks fine on my Android phone. Your Read-Listen-Watch approach is similar to the design of all my story sites. I also use LivriVox for the audio stories. Did you know you can also stream the audio stories instead of asking the readers to download the files before they can listen to?

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    Your website look nice for my iphone.

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    Looks good and clean on droid, yes.
    Very nice feature to have video & audio selections too.
    Agree with scandi about images. We are such a visual society, kids love pictures but daddies and mommies like them too.
    (Except maybe for daddies who have to pay for excessive bandwidth that is I guess.)
    Page/chapter titles might be nice too instead of "page 1, page 2" etc. and would be better search engine fodder too.
    Nice start, good luck.

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