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Thread: Gmail Web App Updated With Retina Icons And Pull Down To Refresh Feature

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    Default Gmail Web App Updated With Retina Icons And Pull Down To Refresh Feature

    Google has rolled out a new update to their mobile Gmail web application designed to bring it more inline with a native application you might find on Apple’s iPhone 4. To make the feel of their Gmail web app a little more polished, Google has now added high resolution icons, providing a smoother and sharper user interface on retina display smartphones.
    Other new features included in this update include a new Pull-to-refresh feature, that makes it quicker and easier to check for new messages and download them to your smartphone. As explained in the digram below there is now a bar along the top which if flicked down and released will now start the send and receive process.
    On my Android phone, I still find the native Gmail app faster.

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    Thanks for the reminder about retina icons.
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