I need some expert opinions on a project I am considering taking on. It consists of a type of quiz to run on smart phones. Something similar to a scavenger hunt quiz. A “code” would be entered on a “enter the code” main page, then the quiz question ( with multiple choice answers) associated with that code would be presented. Upon choosing your answer, it would go back to the “enter the code” page. With entering each code one at a time, you would cycle through 20 different “codes” until you have answered all twenty questions. Then if all were right, send to a congrats web page. Send to a different page for some incorrect. And give a summery with correct answers.

Several different points that might be an issue…

Questions pulled up in random order.
Time between the different codes being entered by the user could be ten minutes or more.
Many different users going through this process simultaneously.
This “quiz” to run on any web browsing smart phone.
Maybe a progression report as you are going through the quiz. ( 2 of 20 completed)

My questions are the following…

Is something like this possible? And what is the best way to go about it.

Thanks in advance to all you guru’s out there, Let me here what you think. I need a push in the right direction.