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Thread: tell me best n97 application..

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    Default tell me best n97 application..

    can anyone provide me the best applications of nokia n97..

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    hi Guy,

    Paint Pad is a pretty cool application, I think of it like a Microsoft Paint for Nokia touch screen devices like the N97 and 5800.

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    N97 Applications

    That opens up thousands of applications and games for the previous generation. My favorites for the E71:

    Fring almost all IM networks out there

    Gravity or Tweets60 Twitter

    Opera and Skyfire for the full experience of web browsing without the data of the costs associated with downloading full sized images. Times faster than built-in browser too.

    Apart from the games is all you really need in a phone. The rest is built into the E71. Not sure about the N97 but it should include most of the same subject.

    B4 one iphone rabid fanboy attacks this thread and they will. I do not need an application that will show me the zip codes or select movie times because my phone has a web browser and can save documents on it. When I go abroad I can save a PDF document with the tour guide about it, so you do not need an application of travel guide for every city I go.

    That's what you should focus on when looking for apps for your N97. The functionality is king. You do not have 200 applications on a PC because 20 do the same job.

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    Free Nokia TV is now available from Yamgo! Watch it today!

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    Default good


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    Thumbs up Best applications at ovistore

    hi there if you are looking for some great applications for your nokia smartphone u can visit nokia ovistore.There you will find many categories of awesome applications.You can choose whichever You like and download it.

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