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Thread: Waprock.Net wapsite for sale!!

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    Default Waprock.Net wapsite for sale!!

    I'm selling my wapsite for $200.. For interested buyers please send me an email at:

    admin at

    Date Registered: Feb. 2010
    Domain Expiration: Feb. 2012
    Alexa Traffic Rank: 2,140,816
    Traffic Rank in PH: 82,501

    AWSTATS Info Screenshots:

    please do not pm me here just send me an email.. thank you!
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    The traffic is due to other sites are grabbing your site contents.
    Can you please confirm this is not the case?

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    Default HI!!!

    Fine, yes surely you can sale your domain name, before that you get the appraisal for your domain.....because it is useful to sell your domain name & to estimate the value of the domain.........
    For that you can visit this site , it provides the best results for domain name appraisal and also you can either appraise a single domain name or up-to 10 domain names in a single shot.

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