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Thread: Is size really a problem anymore?

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    Default Is size really a problem anymore?

    In the old days when we had to build sites for 56k modems we had to optimize sites a lot and we are almost in the same position regarding mobile websites.

    The thing is that today the majority of people who now view mobile websites have better speeds and can access more graphically interesting sites.

    Are you still trying to build tect style mobile website or are you now starting to use the speeds available on Mobile to create nicer looking mobile websites.


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    At three quid a meg here on some UK networks yeah size matter!

    Device detection to work out capabilities then serve what the phone can handle is the best way.

    Size effects speed, speed effects search and conversion so yes it really matters....
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    Default Wow

    Wow that is very expensive.

    Here in Thailand I get 20 hours with unlimited download for 99 Baht which is about 3 US dollars. Obviously not that fast but I can bring up pretty complicated site quick enough.

    Obviously a lot of room for competition in the UK.


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    Am I the only one who chuckled at the thread title?

    I agree with Andy that page size matters in this want-it-now world. Google learned the lesson early on and it hasn't changed. I can visit google and run a search in the same or less time than yahoo loads. Keep the page as light as possible.

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    The problem with serving what the phone can handle ... is that just because a certain flavor of smartphone can "handle" a full sized web layout, is that really the best thing to push to that screen?

    Looking at it realistically from a typical business' viewpoint, there is no good market with spending power for most vendors whose potential customers don't currently or won't soon have true smartphones. So the future mobile content is 320px wide or more. Use small images where possible makes for a better easier small mobile device experience - including to smartphones.

    Build to your audience, build for your target market, build for the future not the past. had its attractive .mobi website out from the get go in 2006 with 300+ pixel wide images. They know their market.

    Now bandwidth cost is that separate issue. All-in-one packages cut the usage cost. Most vendors should get there eventually. High usage music and video streaming bandwidth that far exceeds average web user levels should be charged more than typical web users.

    Device detection schemes that deliver full web pages to smartphone screens that would be better served with more limited sized content are muddying the waters. They are getting it half-right.

    As far as speed goes, faster loading full sized websites are preferred on desktop PCs, laptops, and tablets too - not just mobile. Attractive mobile web layouts can serve those bigger screens also. When you design good mobile pages, you can tap the full web too.

    And finally, IMO it does not make sense for 99% of new mobile web development efforts to even address the segment of users with less than 240px wide screens. My focus though pertains to mobile web content targeting the developed English speaking market economies, primarily the US and Canada.

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    That's exactly the area I'm working right now. I'm going fully HTML5 and using CSS3 to replace graphics on the home page. The lighter and simpler, the better.

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