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Thread: ad:tech - meet KissMyAds - the new Mobile Affiliate Network - in San Francisco

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    Default ad:tech - meet KissMyAds - the new Mobile Affiliate Network - in San Francisco

    KissMyAds is coming to ad:tech in San Francisco in April 2011. We're happy to introduce our system to affiliates and explain the advantages of this new mobile affiliate network.

    Our team will be in SF from April 10th through April 14th and we're happy to set meetings with you.

    We'll also host a networking night - if you'd like to attend or meet with us in person, please contact me

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    I have 25-30k USA visitors a day on nextel, altel, verizon, boost, sprint, virgin mobile network. What is that worth to you? I havent time to visit SF, Im off to Costa Rica with my sweetie in a couple days Im thinking 10 cents per. If your interested send me a pm
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    This is the hot new that I really attract. I will contact with you right now. Thanks for sharing.

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    Default ad:Tech New York

    I really like your networks name, very nice! Will you be at ad:tech New York in November as well?

    Talya Shoup Burnett
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