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Thread: My phone was on Verizon Mobile Web for almost 5 hours!!?

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    Default My phone was on Verizon Mobile Web for almost 5 hours!!?

    When I was at school, my phone went onto Verizon Mobile Web and was on there for 4 hours, 48 minutes, and 11 seconds. Will they charge me even though it was a design flaw in the phone? I mean, there's a button where if you press it, it goes straight to the internet!! Please help me out.

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    What? That's strange...I feel like that's not even possible. Are you sure it wasn't just roaming but still the same network? One time I was in Canada roaming and I actually didn't even get charged for the texts that I received when I accidentally turned my phone on. You should be fine if you didn't use minutes/texts.

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