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    Default Women Drivers

    Hi Guys,

    I just tossed up a new mobile website. Women Drivers

    I hope you enjoy it.

    Tell me what you think.

    And by the way, I just found the Opera Mini Simulator. For those of you developing your own website it's a handy tool.
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    Sexist, pointless and not funny are the words that spring to mind on this dull and overcast day in the East Midlands.
    Andy Moore
    i don't do tech / mobi anymore - why do something that annoys and stresses lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by andymoore View Post
    Sexist, pointless and not funny are the words that spring to mind on this dull and overcast day in the East Midlands.
    Agreed. Plus one of my favorite lady drivers was missing:

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    Interesting collection of photos. Most of them you can't see the driver, so why not just call it Extreme Parking?

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    Now a days women drivers are considered as better drivers as compared to men, as they follow the traffic rules and also try not to use their mobile phones while driving where as men are usually spotted to be absorbed in the mobile phone conversation while driving.

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    It is certainly a sign of the times where this site be considered 'sexist' some consider this light hearted humor. Personally if you're going down this track you might also wish to promote 'men drivers'

    I was chatting to a few people about women/men drivers in general. If it were men drivers that most of these vehicles on the site, be a complete write off...

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    Yeah, and what about this guy?
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