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Thread: Mobile advertising faces tough reception

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    Default Mobile advertising faces tough reception

    Returns on mobile advertising will be smaller than PC advertising as revenues are limited by small screens and low online usage, according to a report

    Read the article

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    Still, the growth will be quite impressive.
    Despite these limiting factors, Enders predicts the amount of money spent on mobile advertising will hit £419m (US$647.35 millnion) by 2015, up from £46m US$71.07 million) in 2009.

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    Thanks for sharing that article. It is true there are some markets where consumers will still prefer to spend money from their PC but others where I think we will see more of a shift to mobile. Another contributing factor is more countries open up to SMS and cell phone billing the advertising opportunities will skyrocket.

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    Considering the bigger picture, discussions about "returns on advertising" in the mobile world it should not be limited to just clicks, PPC, CPA. When you think of it, mobile ad displays are really no different than magazine ads, TV commercials, billboards, event sponsor signs, etc. They are just another way of getting your company name or product in front of potential customers' eyeballs. Exposure, exposure, exposure. And with the added benefit of geolocation and 24/7 smartphone use by typical users, mobile has a step on other media.

    When is the "sale" actually made? For a company spending on advertising to assist in selling products/services it can be a lengthy process. AKA "visually courting" the prospects over time with multiple exposures including mobile web ads. From a website publishers' perspective it's all in the "click".
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    Its a good article,there should be need to develop a strong strategy to start and continue advertising,but we can not neglect to hit the targeted audience.

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