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High-Definition Connectivity Optimized for Mobile – Opportunities Across the Mobile Ecosystem

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CST

The MHL™ (Mobile High-Definition Link) Consortium was formed by Nokia, Samsung, Silicon Image, Sony, and Toshiba to develop the new MHL standard for mobile wired connectivity. The MHL standard defines a new mobile interface to directly connect mobile phones and other portable devices to high-definition televisions and displays. The high-definition video and high-quality digital audio capabilities of new smartphones and mobile devices will now seamlessly integrate with home entertainment systems, changing the market landscape for mobile operators, handset manufacturers, content providers and the supporting ecosystem.

What you will learn:

• The market conditions and trends that created the demand for this solution

• Why the key MHL capabilities and features are mobile and CE channel game-changers

• How the upcoming smartphones will implement MHL

• How mobile handset manufacturers and operators expect their consumers to benefit

If you work in the following areas, you should attend:

• Mobile and consumer electronics product marketing and engineering

• Mobile network and infrastructure

• Consumer products and services marketing communications

• Mobile applications and operating systems

• Mobile content and content service providers

Hear from the MHL team about the technology’s features and the impact of MHL-enabled products. Presented by: MHL, LLC President, Tim Wong; Director of Marketing, Brad Bramy; and Technical Director, Bill Altmann.

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