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Thread: How often do people change mobile carriers?

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    Default How often do people change mobile carriers?

    I know every two years (or when a contract expires) everyone considers switching carriers. How many people do it? How many do it before the contract is up? Most of all, I want to know the average time a customer is with their mobile carrier.

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    I've been to Asia, and they like change carriers like whenever they got some bonus content or free of charge services. As for me living in Australia, I don't usually switch to different carrier after my contract is up.

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    There is nothing new to discover and new challenges. The main question if you are in this circumstances is whether you want a complete change, or whether you want to use your experiences in a new way?
    Even if a career is rewarding, it can become difficult or impossible to live on a low salary -particularly if your life circumstances change. If this is the case for you, then your first step is to judge how much you really need to live on. You will also need some idea of what skills you want to use, and the type of environment you want to work in.

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    Here in India, people change carriers very often. Especially with the mobile number portability, it has become all the more simpler. But there are few who are very loyal to a brand.

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