Hi All -

My first day on the forums. I have a question about how the carriers ***** charges on usage overages on pooled mobile plans. Let's say my AT&T Enterprise level pooled plan is 4000 Minutes with 40 lines/users.
Now let's say that 2 of my users are very heavy-talkers and use up 3999 MOU. So far, there are no overage charges assessed. Okay - so now one of my light users makes some calls and our MOU exceeds our 4000 minute limit. Do the carriers start charging the lines/users who are making the calls after the 4000 limit is exceeded? Are these charges assigned that way, or is there generally a line item on the bill that lists any overage charges?

Same thing with other limits, like SMS/MMS/Data - if there is a pooled plan for these items and your heaviest users eat up the majority of the bucket, then lighter users drive the usage over the limit, where do the charges show up? Per line or general line item?

What's it like with your carrier?
Thanks so much for any insight.