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Thread: DNJournal report: $5,000 and $1,500

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    Default DNJournal report: $5,000 and $1,500

    Find it today:

    Global Contenders (Non .com gTLDs: .biz, .info, .mobi, .net, .org, .asia, .pro & .tel)
    The .non .com gTLDs were even slower than usual this week with just one five-figure sale reported - at $15,000. It was a long drop to the #2 position held by at $5,800. Sedo handled both of those sales and wound up sweeping 16 of 21 positions on our new Global Contenders Top 20 Chart (the extra spot resulted from a three-way tie for the final position).
    The .orgs, led by #3 ($5,250 at SnapNames) had the most chart entries with nine. .Net was right behind with eight. .Mobi claimed a pair of places on the elite list; #4 at $5,000 and #19 (tie) at $1,500. The remaining openings went to #11 ($3,168) and #15 ($2,000).

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    Default was bought by a law firm in Canada that has represented the Bank of Montreal ( in the past, so I'm sure this an end-user sale to a well established Canadian bank.

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    So someone was flipping, as both .mobi are parked with Godaddy.

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    Good week for hyphens, and even two domains with two hyphens: €13,000 = $17,160 ("online shop for clothing", German) $4,000 ("Youth Hostel", French)

    and a few energy related domains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warsteiner21 View Post was bought by a law firm in Canada that has represented the Bank of Montreal ( in the past, so I'm sure this an end-user sale to a well established Canadian bank.
    There was another end-user sale mentioned by DNJournal:
    There were eight more four-figure GC sales just off the chart. Sedo had six of those including ($1,399), ($1,173) and ($1,149). added $1,056 and went for $1,000 each. was bought by the official marketing organization of Kärnten. Looking forward to see another beautiful Austrian tourism site built soon (hopefully).

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    Thanks for the info, everyone repped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChineseDomain View Post at $5,000
    That was a very nice flip in under 8 months:
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