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Thread: Paypal E-commerce.

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    Default Paypal E-commerce.

    Has anyone ever used the paypal e-commerce? I would love to see how it looks on a .mobi.

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    Not used it on but I was a beta tester on the original PayPal Mobile Checkout and loved it despite some flaws.

    It looked and felt ace on both an N95 which was the handset at the time. It worked wonderfully yet I saw very little sales generated with it, I truly feel PayPal and eBay never gave mobile checkout the push it deserved despite it being a return to their original roots of mobile payments. As in when / PayPal first started it was for transferring money between mobiles.

    I recall some issues with it, something like they puked when you added a request for address info plus something like a REST request to get setup, a SOAP request to read the response then an IPN notification at the end which actually was the best way to get the address data.

    It wasn't as simple or fluid as it could have been.

    I'm waiting for PayPal to open up their Mobile Express Checkout so I can add that to my revamped site!

    Hopefully that will be much more uniform, simpler to integrate and less buggy than the original mobile checkout. Plus it could really help take mobile payments to the next level.

    I still feel they're onto something, they had the idea to push PPMC back in 2006 and even got their US and UK mobile dev teams together for a week long event called MUSIC, (Mobile UK Summer Immersion Camp) - I was lucky enough to be invited along to both view everything and take the stage. As a speaker I remember being the exception, everyone stood behind a little podium and flicked through Power Points; some speakers lost the croud and had to ask for folks to end calls and close laptops; I walked up there, sat on the edge of the stage, got comfortable and had a really interesting chat with them all.

    I loved it and it got me interested in doing more on the conference circuit till I'd been to a few more events and met a few people who simply take their Power Point slides from one event to anotherl I usually consider these folk to be V Cap funded asshats with no real ideas other than how to blow other people's money!

    PayPal are good at entertaining their guests, there were a few times during the night where the words "get another cocktail" were mentioned and I can recall ending the night sitting in a London Shisha Cafe with two Directors from PayPal and an apple hookah pipe.

    An ace product made by ace people, I hope the next generation takes off and makes going transactional on the mobile web easy for any merchant of any size.
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