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    Default Apple IPhone 4

    I just visited the apple store. I got to play with the IPhone 4. It is slightly thinner than the previous model. However, it appears that the screen size is the same. Retina display. 960 by 640. The phone is shiny and very smooth to the touch.

    It has FACE TIME video calling. You can see family and friends while you talk to them. HD video recording.

    I was able to look up It displays VERY nicely on the I Phone 4. The font size is just perfect. No squinting or any scrolling needed on the front page. The iphone makes it look so much better than the Blackberry phone. On the secondary pages, scrolling down the list of limo companies was a breeze.

    The phone is very fast and it took a mere second to load up The click to call buttons work. No problems calling on the "click to call" buttons. No failed or aborted phone calls.

    So the .mobi using to build works well on the IPHONE 4. HURRAY. I've never seen on anything but the blackberry. So the iphone version was a real treat. So much better looking. It made look really professional. I was very pleased with how .mobi looks and displays on the iphone 4.

    PLUS.... I was able to finally get 45 limo companies on one page. Check out New York and California. Before, I could only get 10 click to calls on one page or the page will act up. Now over 45 click to calls for New York and over 50+ for California. So very pleased. Will update my pages one page at a time.

    The Iphone 4 makes .mobi look and work wonderfully. Go .mobi !
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    Am using one to compose this reply.

    No issues here, you can play the signal bar game and the battery isn't ace but other than that I've no moans about it.

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    I picked up my iPhone 4 last week, my Nokia N95 finally started to die. It's been great so far and from my perspective all the hype about the antenna being bad is just a bunch of lawyers trying to suck some blood out of Apple. Reception has not been a problem for me, period. I've gotten better at the touch screen keypad thanks to lots of testing using my wife's iPhone over the past year but I still hit the wrong keys more often than I would like. But that more a problem of me and my big hands than the device. I also like the droid but I needed to stay with ATT network for family plan reasons and they didn't have an android product that compared with the iPhone.

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    Default cool

    wow cool

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    Just don't drop the thing. Apparently the front and back are made of glass!
    (lucky buggers having the 4...)

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    What is the exact standby time of iphone 4 in 10 hours of usage?

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    At this point I wouldn't bother with the iPhone 4 unless you absolutely have to own one. It is looking like the iPhone 5 will be released this summer!

    Limo, keep in mind that the phone at the store was lightning fast because it was on wifi. Most users will be surfing via 3G. As a iphone 4 owner I must say I'm very pleased with the unit. Only thing that I would like different is face to face. Both users must be on wifi to use the feature. I've had the phone since it was released and never used that feature

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    iphone 4s is so great . I 'm content to get it. Its functions are so helpful for me in my work .

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    iPhone 4s is more better any android phone I used many htc Samsung etc but it is great to compare them.

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    Iphone 4 is so good , gives great features to use.
    Smart feels came carrying this iphone .

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