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Thread: Web page on mobile - using position:fixed - please help

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    Question Web page on mobile - using position:fixed - please help


    This is my first post here - please be gentle

    I have been assigned to create a webpage for one of our companies products. It is just a basic design - logo on top and content in bottom. I used a div wrapper for the logo and set its position to 'fixed'. There is another div wrapper for the content at the bottom. When i view this page in desktop browsers (firefox, etc) the page works fine - the top part doesn't move and the content scrolls. The top part looks like an unmovable frame. But when i view it in mobile - android browser or iphone safari, the whole page scrolls when you push the page up or down. How do i set just the top part to stay where it is and only the bottom part to move up or down when you move them with your fingers?

    Please Help.


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    Try from dot mobi

    you can sign up with

    here is one of my sites using gomobi

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    Welcome to Mobility, me_myself,

    Did you use frames?

    Don'ts of mobile webpage's design:
    • Don't use scripting languages, flash or other complex objects.
    • Don't use frames or other dividers, they take a lot of space and do not add much value, many frames are shown only for 20%, causing a lot of sliders as well.
    • Don't use objects that have a fixed size, like tables.
    • Don't use big pictures, besides the waste of screenspace, they also use a lot of bandwith costing a lot of time and money
    • Don't write lengthy texts, since people on the run generally have a hard time reading them

    Hope this helps.

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