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Thread: Lack of Customer Service from Andy

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    Default Lack of Customer Service from Andy

    Thought I would share with you the last two letters frm Andy at Palace Marketing (Please note that the grammer and misspellings are his). Quite shocked at his insults to a customer as I have worked in customer service for 40 years and learned at an early age "the customer is always right.":

    Technical error, apologies but for calling me a scam you can take your compaint to PayPal to disupte.


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    2. Your dispute at PayPal will ensure you are refunded the full fee you paid us.

    Shout the word scam at me, demand a refund, refrain from using manners, how do you expect me to respond. I'm human and don't react well to I'll manner egregious demands.

    Technically there was an issue with that track, I apologise but expect to be treated like a human and not a jerk at the end of a keyboard who you can shout abuse and make demands at.

    I had a customer email yesterday, she said there was a problem asked me to please look into it. I did, her account was given £10 good will credit and she got her download.

    If you didn't pay with PayPal you have nothing to lodge a complaint against.

    To answer your question, 35 and I've done this ten years. If you were in my shoes would you tollerate shortness from angry customers?

    Have a refund and get out of my face.


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    You have been refunded, your initial email to me shouted and demaned a refund, I refuse to be shouted at by any customer.

    I repeat, you have been refunded, get the hell out of my face.
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