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    Me want COOKIE!


    This is a very nice and useful site, spun off from the .COM of the same name.

    In fact, they feature it quite prominently on their home page:

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    That is stacked to the brim with great content.

    Would be nice to see it monetised, didn't appear to be for me but I'm using my normal default firefox atm.

    Folks might not be making a killing on the names at the moment but when I'm seeing .mobi sites developed they've impressed me somewhat.
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    And they know wat the're talking about

    "Amsterdam is a great family destination, and my kids still say it's their favorite city in Europe. It's an old city (dates back to 12th century), with a beautifully preserved city center - canals, locks, bridges, canal houses in all shapes and sizes (including the smallest house that is only as wide as the doorway)."

    Traveling with kids is big business. My wifes company is also making big effort of creating special kids packages..

    Nice find Dave.. ! (repped)
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