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Thread: Couple of nice .mobi mentions in mainstream press

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    Default Couple of nice .mobi mentions in mainstream press

    Don't know if this has already been mentioned here in another thread, but I came across a couple of .mobi mentions in online articles.

    There's this one from a New York Times piece on museum tours using your mobile ( mentioned about halfway down):

    And this PC Mag summary of ways to follow March Madness on your mobile ( mentioned at the end):,2817,2361499,00.asp
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    Thanks for sharing Dave, I hadn't seen either. is actually pretty cool. They offer tours via their mobile site. A perfect use of a .mobi.

    is a short video describing the service. They mention the .mobi address.
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    Velly cool

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    In the PC Mag article (posted from MOT M) located in this thread, it says, " you don't even need a smartphone to hit the official NCAA Mobile Web site at, view ESPN's scores at or check out the better-formatted Yahoo! Sports for Mobile, which can be found by sending any mobile Web browser to "

    What is Is this a .com by passing a .mobi function? It looks more like a rather than a I'm confused what this is. Does this mean other .com websites can just add an m, and bypass .mobi?? I guess I'm not quite understanding what this is and its implication.

    Thanks in advance for answering.

    Also, that is cool about the I'm going to check it out too. It looks like more people are learning how to use .mobi

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