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Thread: Diploma Thesis - Questionnaire

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    Default Diploma Thesis - Questionnaire

    Hey Guys!

    I hope I am allowed to post this help-request for my online questionnaire here, otherwise I'm very sorry. It's for my diploma-thesis and absolutely NOT for any commercial use, I just need help to finish my thesis in this semester.

    I absolutely love the work of smartphone develpers und you guys have been one of the main factors to choose a smartphone development for my diploma thesis. But now i have to conduct a questionnaire for which i ned android or iOS developers and modders to participate. It lasts not longer than 5 minutes and it's about the motivation and the advantages of android/iOS programming. I really need your help, because if i don't be able to get enough replies until christmas I'm not able to finish my studies in this semester..

    It would be really kind of you if you would allow me to post the link to my questionnaire in your board because I need minimum 40 iOS app or modification developers overall. here's the link for inspection.. (http)

    Best regards, keep on rockin' and PLEASE help me ,


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    Hi Markus, not many iOS people here, mostly PHP and XHTML. If people don't answer, that's why.
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