I am building an alpha blending control for Smart Devices using .NET COmpact Framework in Visual Studio 2008.

My problem is that if I make a standard Image property for the control and load a PNG image in the designer, the alpha information in the image is destroyed.

If I import the PNG image in the project as an embedded resource, it works just fine on the device run time - hence the alpha channel info is preserved.

Therefore I have to find a way of loading the image in the designer, OR alternatively, implement designer specific code that relies on loading the PNG image directly from the project folder in Design Time, and my questions are:

1. Is it possible for the designer to somehow find the path of the project that is currently open in Visual Studio?
2. Is it possible to write a TypeConverter for a property that enables me to load and serialize the PNG image without loosing the alpha channel?

It works just fine in the Designer if I load the PNG file from the project folder, using a hardcoded project path and image name (eg. C:\Projects\MyProject\Test.png).

Any suggestions to get me in the right direction, as hardcoding project paths is not the right way to go about it.

Any help at all is most welcome! :)