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Thread: The Popularity of the Most-Used Naming Conventions for Mobile Sites - Has m. won?

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    Um, Newton, that relic was named after the same fellow, who is rumored to have been hit in the head by ...wait for it... An apple.

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    Sheer coincidence and they are lucky I don't get my QC onto them lol
    The speed of light is faster than sound that's why some people appear bright until they open their mouths

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    I think there may be two worlds to soon collide.

    The letter m is being used more and more by the Medical Community to signify the site is medical related.

    But, like many things speculative, even if the domain/site would imply medical related matter, there is still the issue of squatting on a ton of quality domains with the m as the first letter in the domain.

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    Excellent research work done by you!!..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andres Kello View Post

    1. m.: 8,910,000
    2. /m: 303,000
    3. /mobile: 246,000
    4. /wap: 241,000
    5. .mobi:240,000
    6. wap.: 236,000
    7. mobile.: 233,000
    Here's an update, from my Firefox 6.0.

    1. m.: 8,910,000 => 25,000,000
    2. /m: 303,000 => 120,000,000
    3. /mobile: 246,000 => 37,300,000
    4. /wap: 241,000 => 31,200,000
    5. .mobi:240,000 => 8,810,000
    6. wap.: 236,000 => 17,100,000
    7. mobile.: 233,000 => 6,730,000
    It looks like /m is gaining most support.

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    And .mobi is practically tied for last. I like existing brands using .mobi as much as the next mobi fan but I never quite understood the strategy of positioning .mobi as the mobile tld for pc websites, doing so pits it against a bunch of other options that are free.

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