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Thread: WordPress Mobile Plugins/Themes-WPtap and WPtouch

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    Default WordPress Mobile Plugins/Themes-WPtap and WPtouch

    Nowadays, as more and more people surf internet with their mobile phones, it becomes urgent to have our websites mobile-ready or mobile-friendly. But the job seems to be a little too challenging for non-professional web admins like me.

    Recently, my friends recommended two WordPress mobile Plugin/Theme packages to me, namely WPtap and WPtouch. I found both plugins amazingly easy to use and really turned my WordPress site into a mobile application experience when viewed from iPhone and Android phones. After using both of them, I summed up some similarities and differences between WPtap and WPtouch.

    - Both are easy to install and easy to manage through back-end admin panel
    - Both packs come complete with all the standard WordPress website features: search, login, categories, tags, archives, photos, thumbnails & more.
    - Both packs includes a social features such as bookmarks, and email
    - Both support easy ads insertion
    - Both look amazing on iPhone and Androids

    - WPtouch only offers one theme, while WPtap has three theme packages available: Video Tube, News Gallery and News Press, designed for video sites, graphic-style, or text-centric sites, respectively. According to the website, more themes are coming out each month on WPtap
    - WPtap themes come with 6 colors, WPtouch only has black.
    - WPtap’s News Gallery theme can show a slideshow of posts on homepage, while WPtouch does not have this feature
    - WPtouch theme is free. While only WPtap News Press theme is free, the others are paid themes
    - WPtap offers customization service to customers, while WPtouch does not
    - WPtap also offers to develop iPhone-based web apps for your site

    Personally, I prefer WPtap, since it gives me more choices. Their themes are great-looking and diversified. I’ve purchased News Gallery and Video Tube for my two blogs, they all work great. And I find their customer support is great, too.

    For more information on WPtap, go to their website.

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    Thanks for that, Jake...

    Useful comparison for us non-techs...


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    Hi, Jake
    Thanks for clarifying that, and your interest in WPtap!
    We are releasing a new theme shortly, so keep watching!

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    I'm using you paid for theme on a few sites, love them to bits.

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    Thank you!

    Your feedback and suggestions are very important in helping us make our themes better. Please feel free to drop me a message or visit WPtap support forum.

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