We are at the beginning of the HD craze ---HD television is becoming very popular in the US and in Germany.
An HD Receiver is a device that receives and decodes high definition TV signals to display high def TV.

I just sold 2 HD Receiver names.!

Last month I was contacted by a guy that wanted to buy “HDReceiver.net” from me.
I made a mistake and sold it to him for only $560 at Sedo.

Two weeks later I had another person contact me and want “HDReceiver.org”.
I told this guy what I sold the net for and he agreed he would give me $560 for the org.
(At the time I thought I was doing well because I got the net price).

I agreed to the sale ---- As soon as I did I got two more inquiries.
One of the guys was from Germany and he said he would have paid me up to $3,000 for the org name (but it was too late of course). The other email offer was for $900.

I have the plural version --- HDReceiver(s).org.
I have decided to see if I could get a reasonable offer for the name on this forum.
I'd probably just take it.
You can probably check SEDO sales records to confirm my two names sold last month.

The name is at GoDaddy and at Sedo.
I can do an escrow.com thing to save Sedo’s commission for the buyer.

If you are not at least in the xxx range -- do not respond

I also have HDReceiver.mobi
and HDReceivers.mobi

Taking offers
- anybody want to build a site that sells them?
-- or people can cilck through to get to to buy em

PM me